​Where to start? Neil Hogan and I from Charity People traversed up 17 stories, stood with a panoramic view over-looking London with members of the London Air Ambulance.

I wore my best Top Gun jacket, felt appropriate on the day. (Neil and Stuart…or Maverick and Goose?) We do not appreciate the level of efficiency and commitment that goes into this inspiring service. Two pilots, doctor, paramedic, fire team, security, call handler – 365 days a year. The London Air Ambulance deal with the most challenging incidents/accidents inside the M25. Ranging from the most severe road traffic collisions, cycling incidents to violent acts. Between 5000 – 6000 calls come in every single day to the London Ambulance service. The dedicated team listens to each call for particular comments, signals that will trigger the London Air Ambulance team to head out. The Air Ambulance team respond to the most severe cases in a day and this can be the difference between saving a life or not.

A very profound statement was made on the day from a fantastic firefighter in the team, ‘The very busy days aren’t an issue, it just means we are reaching more people who are having the worst day of their lives’.

A quick thank you to Shai, Anna and Lucy from the database team for inviting us to the afternoon.