By Stuart Milliner​

My brother, a friend and I (maybe one other), are doing a 100,000 step challenge on Saturday 25th July 2020. It works out to be 80km across rugged Cornish terrain, which combines nearly all the walking I did in a week, into one day. We are starting at 05:30 in the morning and should finish around 22:30 at night.

To put it into perspective, my wonderful partner and I did coastal walk two Sundays ago. We did nearly 19km and we finished almost like zombies. Completely drained. So we are attempting to quadruple that effort in one day.

White Gold Cornwall

We are Fundraising for the charity White Gold Cornwall. This is a charity that I worked for, for nearly 5 years and it is run by my Dad.

White Gold Cornwall work one to one with disaffected and vulnerable children and young people from all walks of life. They intervene to offer support on a broad range of issues from challenging behaviours in school, to some very serious domestic and sexual abuse cases. Fundamentally, White Gold Cornwall are there for children and young people when they are most needed.

Against the odds, through the lockdown period, they have been able to continue working with 31 children and young people who have difficult home lives with online and socially-distanced in person support.

These few paragraphs can’t do justice to their life-changing work – you can find out more via their website:

Follow our journey

We are fundraising for this charity so they can provide more to the people that they help. The money raised will be ring fenced for the children and young people.

Below are the links to the actual walk and the Fundraising Page. Our new target is £1000. – The walk – Fundraising page

If you do not have Facebook:

Please do have a look at the links and it would mean the world if you can contribute. For a small charity in Cornwall, the money will go a long way.

Genuinely, whatever you can chip in will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you all so much 🙂