Where do I start? It’s so difficult because returning to work from maternity leave is always fraught with such conflicting emotions…. when you add a global pandemic into the mix I mean…. mind blown! 

If I had to sum it up I would probably say it’s a mixed bag of: 

  • Sadness –  recognising that both me and little Freddie have moved into a new phase of our lives. 

  • Excitement – to be back at work, speaking to grownups about grown-up things and remembering that I actually love my job and my work family here at Charity People!

  • Uncertainty – can I even remember how to do my job? I have 12 months of career moves and organisational change to catch up on! 

  • Fear – a very healthy dose of it! Are there any roles for me to actually recruit for!? 

  • Change – How do I support the people I am working with to find roles and the organisations who are currently in the midst of recruitment freezes and redundancies? Our sector, like so many others has been well and truly tested by Covid 19 and its far-reaching effects.

Some things never change

What a different world we find ourselves in 2020! I can safely say things could not be more different than when I skipped out of the home office at the end of June last year. The way we work, the way we socialise, most aspects of our lives have changed dramatically in one way or another and everyone’s experience is different. What I do need to remember amidst all this is that in the wise words of Princess Anna of Arendelle (if you know you know), “some things never change.” Our connections to each other are still what drives the business of recruitment, so I plan to listen to what you need and keep being there to support you achieve your goals.  

I also want to make sure I give a mention to my colleagues who lived every minute of this and made sure there was a job to come back to, the people who stayed and kept working even if it did feel a bit like being on the travellator (you know Gladiators… the bit at the end … a bit 90’s??) To you Amelia, Nick and Stuart thank you for weathering that storm it cannot have been easy! To my colleagues who have been and still are furloughed who found themselves thrown into this situation, I am so looking forward to having you back!

Feeling grateful

If I had to settle on one feeling, it would be gratitude. I am grateful for my job, grateful for the warm and supportive conversations I am already having with you. More than anything, I am grateful that I get to share and experience all of this with an amazing supportive bunch of people here at Charity People. An extra special thank you also goes to my job share/work wife Amelia who has been there every step of the way…. Yep definitely gratitude!