by Amelia Lee and Clare Sweeney

Independent legacy fundraising consultant, Clare Sweeney, noticed that there are very few digital tools for legacy fundraisers. She started working with Ema and Minted Box to design a new tool to encourage more legacies and capture more information on supporters.  They began with the question, ‘How can we make it easier for supporters to let charities know that they intend to leave a gift?’

The result is a digital tool called Charity Intentions, which includes:

  • a branded and customisable microsite.
  • user friendly, enjoyable process where supporters can let charities know their intentions.
  • a place to connect with your legacy community.

There will be an estimated £3.6million (estimated) left to charities via legacies this year.  Clare hopes that Charity Intentions will make it easier for all charities to benefit from this support, regardless of their size.

To register interest or book a demo, visit charity You can also email with any questions.