Do women still face barriers to becoming charity sector leaders?

Emma Adams chats with women’s leadership coach Carla Miller about the challenges women face and how the sector can overcome them to support more women into senior leadership roles.


There are plenty of women in leadership roles in the charity sector, but barriers do still exist. According to Carla, two-thirds of charity sector employees are women, but less than a quarter go on to become Chief Execs.

There’s also a CEO pay gap. Men in charity CEO roles get paid 12% more on average.

There are a range of reasons why this might happen. Unconscious bias plays a role, but at the heart of it, women are still trying to fit into working environments that were designed by men who had support with their homes and families.

Carla and Emma get into a really useful conversation about how, as a sector, we can help to break down barriers that women face when progressing to senior leadership.

Watch the full interview to find out how we can evolve the charity sector to enable more women to take on senior leadership roles.


Carla helps women in leadership roles to increase their influence & impact at work. She also helps employers to support and develop the women & leaders in their organisation. Find out more about Carla’s coaching programmes at