By Zelda Leader

When we talk about impactful recruitment, we usually mean helping with recruitment that leads to a lasting, meaningful and impactful relationship between the charity and their new starter. But this overlooks the impact of the incredible temporary candidates that we work with. They come in at short notice to save the day, so I wanted to introduce you to someone I’ve worked with recently – Meridith Dewar.

I caught up with Meridith after her most recent placement to find out how it went. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career. 

Hi! I’m Meridith, I’m 23, and I am an administrator with experience of providing a range of operational, research, and accounting based support, predominantly within the charity sector. 

Why did you decide to look for temporary roles?

I decided to look into temporary roles for two main reasons. As a recent graduate, despite my previous work experience I found it difficult to get my foot in the door in the charity sector. I also knew that despite wanting to work for a charity, I did not have a clear idea of the scope of roles available and which might be best suited to me and my strengths. 

What is your current role?

My current role is Research Administrator at the MS Society. I mainly work with the awards team helping with grant finances and processes, but also support the rest of the research team with maintaining and updating databases, professionally communicating with scientists and people affected my MS, minuting committee meetings and general administration on an as needed basis. 

How did you find joining a brand new team while working remotely?

I found joining a brand new team while working remotely a little nerve-wracking, but it was actually a very smooth process. As all of my work is done online, being trained in new things is actually very easy online too! My advice to anyone nervous about starting a new temp role remotely would be that in my experience, if the team you are joining is a good fit for you, supportive and welcoming, all of these things will translate to an online environment. This far into the pandemic I also think that most organisations have adapted and are likely to even be experienced in hiring and inducting new staff members remotely.

Would you recommend temping to someone seeking new job opportunities in the charity sector?

I would definitely recommend temping to someone seeking new job opportunities in the charity sector. In my experience it has been a great way to work with a wide variety of people, pick up new skills in a short space of time, and built connections and establish myself within this sector.

Tell us about your experience using Charity People

My experience using Charity People has been great – I feel that as a smaller and more specialised recruitment agency you get a much more personalised experience and approach. Zelda and Tatiana have been great recruiters to work with; always professional and genuinely interested in placing me in a role that is best suited to me. I also feel incredibly fortunate to have worked throughout the pandemic, which I do not believe would have been possible without the opportunities that temping through Charity People have provided me with. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Meridith and congratulations on making an impact by bringing your skills and experience to this role to support the MS Society.