1. How long have you worked with Charity People and what was your career to date before here?

I joined Charity People in July 2018, I can honestly say that I love my job, everything from team, culture, values to candidate and clients I get to work with.

My previous career was as an Executive Assistant to C suite level executives, it is while in this role when I was supporting the Director of Hays recruitment in Leicester office, that my career trajectory changed, and I was encouraged to become a recruitment specialist. It was a natural progression, having always been involved in people focussed roles, I was like a duck in water.

2. Why did you decide to join Charity People?

It was the realisation that working withing the sector that I am truly passionate about, was going to give me that extra job satisfaction I was craving for. Working with different charities, learning about what they do, and finding talent for their recruitment needs is hugely satisfying. On top of this, when I first came to interview for the role and met a few members of the team, I knew this is the team I wanted to be a part of. Their values resonated with mine, and I am proud to be working with such an amazing bunch of people.

3. What do you feel you uniquely bring to your clients at Charity People?

As an interim support specialist, where my clients require quick turnaround, often with very short notice, they can always rely on my ability to multitask and work at a fast pace, whilst being honest and transparent when managing their expectations.

4. What advice would you give for people looking for a temporary job in the current market?

It’s useful to be registered with agencies that are relevant to your specific job search criteria, so do some research and build relationship with your relevant consultant who can help you with your job search. It is also worth having a degree of flexibility with the temp role, the more open you are to different opportunities, the more you increase your chances of securing a temp role. Keep an eye out for opportunities on job boards, but also utilise LinkedIn, set up job alerts and ensure your profile is up to date.

5. Any top tips on being a temp worker?

It can sometimes be challenging stepping into a temp role, the most important is communication which goes both ways. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make as many notes as possible so that you can look back for guidance when needed. Ask for feedback

from your line manager and be open with your recruitment consultant about how the role is going. Be patient, as it can take some time to set up your desk/PC, especially if the hiring process was quite quick. In remote working roles, the onboarding and training can also be done remotely. Ensure you have a good Wi-Fi signal and working station at home, move around and take breaks. If you have any technical issues, ensure you have your line manager’s phone number to keep them in the loop. Timekeeping is also important, being reliable is key in any role.

6. What issues are forefront of your mind right now?

Wellbeing of my temporary workers is always at the forefront of my mind, ensuring they have the right support, flexibility and working conditions to meet their needs. Some people require a degree of flexibility, therefore transparency is key to manage expectations and ensuring the set up works for both candidates and client.