1. How long have you worked with Charity People and what was your career to date before here?

I started in July 2021. Prior to joining CP, I was at Major Players, a creative industry recruitment specialist. I looked after Marketing and New Business and Strategy and Planning roles.

2. Why did you decide to join Charity People?

I joined CP for 3 reasons. The ambition for the Board and Leadership division is exciting and the opportunity to build on the existing reputation was, and remains, a pull. And secondly, I was impressed by where CP are in the EDI journey. Internally, CP is a truly inclusive organisation and externally, I love how we work with our clients on positive action recruitment. And finally, I liked everyone I had met during the interview process and immediately got a feeling that I would work with them, and that is super important.

3. What do you feel you uniquely bring to your clients at Charity People?

Being somewhat seasoned, I bring a well-rounded blend of life and business experience. I pride myself in working with clients as their trusted partner consistently delivering results. I get excited about working with new clients and immersing myself in learning about their causes and how their organisations create impact. Oh, and I make a mean curry so am always happy to chat recipes!

4. What advice would you give to candidates in leadership roles in the current market?

When applying for a CEO position, treat each application as brand-new application, with thorough research shown in your supporting statement. Avoid copying and pasting. Most Chairs would welcome an initial chat before a formal application is made, so take advantage of that. Spend time with your recruiter as they will bring the job description to life. Through the assessment phase they will be gaining a valuable insight into your experience. Spending time with them will enable them to portray your experience in the best light.

5. Any top tips on being a CEO?

Look out for our Mentoring Network which is aimed at New and Aspiring CEOs!