1. How long have you worked with Charity People and what was your career to date before here?

I started in Recruitment in October 2004 and joined Charity People in June 2012 – prior to working at Charity People my earlier career focussed on the recruitment of marketing and market research roles within Finance, Media and TV, FMCG and Publishing. I worked in the City of London and in the West End and have placed over 550 people into permanent Marketing roles in London and the South East.

I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and I’ve worked in Membership within the Fitness Industry. I know my way around a TRX, a VIPR and kettle bells!

2. Why did you decide to join Charity People?

I felt that the vision and values which Charity People had and continue to have are in line with my belief on how this job should be done; that is, to recruit more effectively, more efficiently, and more inclusively. Within the Charity Sector, I believe that we deliver impactful recruitment; genuinely working to make the world a better place!

The company allows freedom for our staff along with much collaboration; you do feel that success is shared at Charity People and we reward our team with great days out to places such as Paris, Lille, Brussels, Glorious Goodwood and Boating on the River Thames.

3. What do you feel you uniquely bring to your clients at Charity People?

I’d like to think that my knowledge of the Charity Sector and excellent relationship building skills do benefit my clients. As you go through the recruitment process not only are you listening to and advising your clients, you are also working to identify those candidates who Can Do, Will Do, Will Fit; that is, Can they do the job, Will they do the job and Will they fit in?

In addition to this, you go on a journey with your candidates and we work not only as Consultants, but also as Coaches, Cheerleaders and the occasional shoulder to cry on!

4. What advice would you give for people looking for a Direct Marketing Manager job in the current market?

  1. Identify what it is about the Charity Sector which inspires you along with which type of Charity you’d like to work for – make a list of 50 charities you feel passionate about and work to make connections with them, either online through social media (ie Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook), or attending events, conferences or sector specific roundtables.
  2. When applying for Direct Marketing Manager role, develop your CV and cover letter to equate your skills and experience to the job description – charities are very welcoming to those from outside the Not-for-Profit sector.
  3. At interview stage, research the Charity (history, what they do and news items/blogs/social media), work on 5 key examples of your work to talk through, think about the evolution of your career and talk through how you’d showcase your skills and experience.

5. Any top tips on being a Direct Marketing Manager?

Build your network in the Charity Sector, either through volunteering opportunities, making connections with those whom you wish to work with and identify potential charities whose causes you admire.

From a marketing perspective, keep up to date with current trends in marketing, expand your talents for working across a variety of channels, embrace digital, look into getting some legacy fundraising experience (it’s a huge growing area) and as always, hone your campaign management and project management skills.