1. How long have you worked with Charity People and what was your career to date before here?

I joined CP in July 2018, prior to this, I spent 7 years specialising in the membership and charity sectors at TPP Recruitment. Before TPP, I spent 10 years honing my recruitment skills within the health and commercial sectors. Yes, I’m THAT old. Haha.

2. Why did you decide to join Charity People?

My tenure at TPP was an absolute joy, but after 7 years, I could tell I was losing my edge. I owed it to myself and to TPP, to move on and try something new. When Nick approached me regarding an opening at Charity People, I was sat atop a canyon in LA on holiday with my wife, discussing how I was feeling a little lost. The timing of that call was pretty special, so it really wasn’t a difficult decision to step across. Having worked with Nick for many years previously and having seen how well other ex-TPP staff had settled in, I knew it was my calling and I’m pleased to say I haven’t looked back since.

3. What do you feel you uniquely bring to your clients at Charity People?

Having supported membership clients for many years, I’m fortunate to have gained excellent market knowledge along the way. Aside from me attracting the very best talent, I also consult on job profiles, advise on salary benchmarking and act as a recruitment partner, as opposed to being “just another recruiter”.

4. What advice would you give for people looking for a Membership job in the current market?

The Membership sector is a wonderful place to feel included, supported, rewarded and for most, maintain a healthy work/life balance. If you are looking for a career change to enter the sector, the key is to assess and understand your key transferrable skills. This may include administration, customer service or stakeholder management skills. Unlike some sectors, the Membership space is generally open-minded relating to applicants from outside sectors, as long as the transferable skills are relevant.

5. Any top tips on for those new to membership?

Customer service is king. Their members are the life blood that keep the organisations wheels turning. It’s therefore essential that you understand your members needs and constantly review and improve the membership offering to ensure members not only renew every year, but are also spreading the word with their peers.

6. What issues are forefront of your mind right now?

A couple of factors have caused something of a perfect storm for agencies. With more people in employment now than pre-Covid, plus losing some incredible talent from Europe due to Brexit, there are more challenges than ever for our clients when recruiting directly. It feels like our role in supporting clients find “the one” has never been more essential – each search may be more time-intensive than ever, but at the same time – so much more rewarding!