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Good Law Project is a not-for-profit campaign organisation that uses the law for a better world. They are proud to be primarily funded by members of the public and firmly believe that the law, in the right hands, can be a decent and fair force for good. Their mission is to use the law to hold power to account, protect the environment, and ensure no-one is left behind. 

Using the law to tackle important issues of unlawfulness, wrongdoing and disadvantage, Good Law Project recognises there are many ways of winning such as litigating, campaigning and empowering people to understand and use the law themselves. 

In 2023, Good Law Project enlisted the help of Charity People in their search for two new non-exec directors to sit on their Board.


  • Board and Leadership
  • Inclusive Recruitment

Appointing these two positions was a critical role hire for Good Law Project, as they had identified they would like to deepen their board skill sets to cover a wider range of expertise relevant to Good Law Project’s work, including legal, marketing and fundraising expertise.

We were very keen to ensure that the recruitment process was as inclusive as possible…Charity People was recommended to us as an agency able to run an effective positive action recruitment process and attract a wide range of suitable candidates.

Rupert EvansChair, Good Law Project

Following a search that found and received many experienced and passionate applicants, a shortlist was drawn up in conjunction with Good Law Project resulting in the appointment of Aditi Thorat, Director of Fundraising at Global Commons Alliance and Ife Odogwu, a Barrister at Matrix Chambers. 

Of the two placed candidates, Rupert shares:

“the candidates appointed brought extensive professional expertise and experience that was very relevant to Good Law Project’s needs, together with a range of perspectives and life experience.  They also brought personal qualities and thoughtful approaches that recognised the requirements of a non-executive board role”.

We spoke with Aditi Thorat who had been following Good Law Project for some time and had always been impressed by their courage. In-between roles when the role was advertised, she spoke to Charity People’s Head of Board & Leadership Practice, Tiku can Houtem, to find out more:

Tiku was amazing from start to finish; hugely responsive, very warm, easy to schedule calls with and she really seemed to understand my motivation for applying to work with Good Law Project

Aditi ThoratPlaced Candidate

On working with Tiku, Rupert also comments:

“Tiku worked with us very collaboratively to set up a comprehensive process….recommending a recruitment strategy to meet our objectives, meeting with us regularly and keeping us fully updated throughout.”

The process itself was somewhat of a positive surprise to Aditi, as “the questions were shared in advance and they were questions that really made me think about the political landscape of the UK; they were thought-provoking questions which led to really honest interviews”.

Tiku comments on Aditi that:

“her experience spanning 20+ years was impressive. Good Law Project were seeking board members who would provide the right level of scrutiny, coupled with a passion for human rights and climate justice and Aditi was a stand-out candidate from the outset”.

Almost 10 months into the role and Aditi loves it. She has been very impressed with “the intellectual vigour with which Good Law Project approaches the cases they decide to take” and she comments “I have been able to bring my fundraising expertise to the table which has brought out the best in me, I have been able to make introductions, support them strategically and with reviews of potential donors”.

Since being in the role, the Good law Project has created the space to allow me to engage and contribute. This week for instance I'll be moderating a panel where four experts will focus on the recent Indian election results for GLP's staff to look beyond the UK and understand the wider global political context within which they operate. Here, perhaps diversity could bring an openness and value to the organisation.

Aditi ThoratPlaced Candidate

Of the role Aditi is in and the future, she states “We need to think differently – we need an interconnected approach that brings the best of all worlds (creative industry, corporates, non-profit sector) to work together to change hearts & minds, which is critical for success”.
Good Law Project are excited about diversifying their activities over the coming year, to deepen and broaden their impact even further.

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