We chat to two key players behind Small Charity Week.

Our guests, Vic Hancock-Fell and Wayne Murray are on a mission.  On a mission to win the hearts and minds of the public and of businesses, whilst bringing the conversation that matters to the doors of the mainstream media.

Having run the campaign end to end in 2023 Vic and Wayne are now providing essential support to NCVO who have taken over the mantle for 2024.

They view Small Charity Week as so much more than one week flurry of activity – small charities make up 97% of our sector(!) – so Vic and Wayne joined us to share their passion for preserving, supporting and facilitating these essential charities to flourish – all year, every year.

In this episode Vic and Wayne share details of their pledge for each and everyone of us to get behind – the big take away is engaging with charities local to us.

Click here for the pledge and see if you can take that small step towards helping make a difference.