About Us

For over thirty years, we’ve recruited extraordinarily talented people into rewarding and vital positions on behalf of some of the biggest and smallest non profit organisations in the UK and internationally. We’re proud to be the chosen recruitment partner for a vast array of Charities, Universities, Membership bodies and Institutes.

People tell us that we do things a bit differently from other recruiters

Charity People is an extraordinary company that believes in extraordinary recruitment. We work with a variety of non-profit organisations to help them recruit more effectively, more efficiently, and more inclusively. Having been established in 1990, we have placed over 30,000 people into paid and voluntary roles, with inspirational organisations making real and tangible difference to society, locally, nationally and internationally. We’re not interested in quick wins, instead we’re driven by delivering impactful recruitment , appointments that can genuinely change the world.

Our Values


We are experienced

Every person in our team is an expert in their field. We’ve all worked or volunteered in the charity sector and are actively encouraged to continue doing so. On a daily basis we use our valuable knowledge and experience to help our clients and candidates make hugely important and life changing decisions. It’s our business to ‘get it right’ and we pride ourselves on being able to give worthwhile, relevant opinions or to be a supportive sounding board when you need one.

We do things with integrity

We build open, honest, transparent and long-lasting relationships with everyone we work with. We genuinely want what’s best for both our clients and our candidates and will work tirelessly to achieve it for them. We will listen hard and in the unlikely event we can’t help we’ll tell you that rather than try and squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

We collaborate

We like to think that our team culture is unlike any other. We work together, collectively, towards a common goal and we tap into the knowledge and expertise of our lovely colleagues on a regular basis. You’ll find this approach shines through in the way we work with you. We consult, collaborate and partner, we don’t pressurise or use the ‘hard sell’.

We have fun

We all do our jobs with enthusiasm, passion and dedication, but we like to let our hair down too…even the boss! We are a friendly, smiley bunch that enjoy coming to work in the morning, which is refreshing.

We see the big picture

We care about our clients, candidates and the world in which we live. We know that the sector we work in is a wonderful one full of passionate, intelligent and brilliant people. Our job is to help bring these people together. We find rewarding and stimulating roles for our candidates whilst helping our clients strengthen their positive impact on our society. We are open-minded and adaptable, we see each situation individually and shy away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We live in the real world

Reading the above, you might think that we are a bunch of hopeless optimists. But we've all spent more than a few years working with the realities of thriving in the uncertain world of UK charities. We know how tight budgets can be and do all we can to work to get you the best candidates within your resources.

We evolve

Our world is a changeable one. We aren’t scared of this, and we’re willing to adapt and respond to any challenges this brings. We’re malleable, progressive and forward thinking. We like to think of ourselves as evolving into something of a new age recruitment company.

Our History

Way back in 1990, Charity People started life operating from a south London base, with grants from The Prince’s Youth Business Trust and the London Enterprise Agency. Its aims were – and still are – to promote the sector as a great place to work, to attract the most talented and committed candidates, and to help charities recruit more effectively. A lot has changed in nearly 30 years – our team has grown significantly, we’ve moved offices, got a website and placed over 30,000 people into a new job. Despite all this, our values, aims and principals remain the same.

What sectors do we specialise in?

We operate across the whole of the charity sector, recruiting at all levels from fundraising assistants to CEO. We cover permanent, contract and temporary roles. We don’t believe in over-promising and so in the unlikely event that we don’t think we can help you, we’ll tell you.

How we give back

Charity People are committed to giving back to the sector. We take this incredibly seriously and are always on the look out for new ways in which we can strengthen our input. One way we encourage our team to get involved in the sector and give back is by asking each of our employees to donate three of their working days to a cause they feel strongly about. This time can be taken in a block or split up over the year into small chunks if preferred.

Whether it’s Anna hosting tea parties for the elderly, Pete volunteering at a refugee camp in Calais or Amelia doing another epic run, we’re a team that likes to give back. Every winter we take part in the Better Bankside project, which helps the homeless in the area around our office. If you’ve got a worthy cause, why not get in touch and let’s see how we can get involved.