Have a question? Here you can find some helpful answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Will Charity People ever send my CV to their clients without getting in touch with me first?

Definitely not. We pride ourselves in our integrity, honesty and transparency. It is very important to us to make sure that you have read the job description and given is consent to represent you with the client.

I applied for a vacancy that you’re representing and you’ve not contacted me. Why?

We acknowledge all applications via e-mail, if we think that you are suitable for the role then we will contact you to discuss the role within 2 working days. If we have not contacted you by then it could be that we felt you were unsuitable for the role.

I have now registered. What is the process from here onwards?

Your CV will be forwarded to one of our consultants to be reviewed. If we find that we have a job suitable for you, or we think we can help, we will be in touch to discuss the role further. As you can probably guess it is extremely busy and we are receiving a high level of applications so please be patient with us and we will endeavour to get back to you.

I have applied for a role. When can I expect to hear back?

Although we do our best to try and contact you within 2 days, with the level of application we are receiving this isn’t always possible and it may take some time. Of course we would like to speak to everyone who contacts us but as you can probably imagine it is a busy time for us, so although you should get an outcome email we are unable to provide feedback on every application.

If I see a job on your website and I have already registered do I still need to do a cover letter?

There is no need to write a cover letter before engaging with a consultant. If you wish to apply for a role we are advertising please check the role details to see if a cover letter is required first. It is always best practise to first have a brief insightful conversation with one of our consultants before writing a cover letter as they will know the finer details of the role and will be able to recommend specific strengths/skills to highlight.

How much do you know about the market at the moment?

The market is ever changing and we use all available platforms to keep on top the trends. We monitor the business of charities and who is in demand through job boards, social media platforms, news and more. On top of this, we are able to speak with a vast network of contacts and clients in the sector who inform us before most of up and coming changes and demands.


Will all candidates who are submitted have read the job description and be aware of who we are?

Absolutely. We do our best to try and stand in a candidate’s shoes to try and give them the best experience possible. It is very important to us that candidates know about your charity, your mission and the very identity of the role we are partnering you to recruit.

What do you charge?

Please contact a relevant consultant to discuss costings. We try to factor in the complexity of any given search to give you the best possible quote.

How will Charity People add value to our charity’s recruitment process?

When you begin partnering with Charity People we become an extension of your brand and will always uphold your reputation by offering an excellent candidate experience. We will start by taking a full brief from you and where possible visit your work place so as to better understand your culture and style. Following this we will write and publish effective advertisements for your role which will be placed on leading Charity specific job boards. We will screen and interview candidates as they apply, plus we will reach out directly to speak with candidates we know who are either searching directly or indirectly for a new role. Once we have identified the most appropriate candidates we will send you a shortlist and if desired arrange a telephone call with you to talk through it. We operate a calm, consultative approach and see ourselves as an extension of the charity sector itself.

Does Charity People work on Trustee & Board roles?

Yes! We’ve worked with a range of organisations on searches for Trustees and our team fully understands the complexities of finding your new board members.

What types of roles can Charity People help me with?

We can help you with an array of disciplines, from Senior Leadership appointments, fundraising, marketing, data management, finance, HR and membership.


Once you have registered with us, please reach out to us regularly to keep us updated with your availability for work, this will help us ensure to be in touch with you first when we have temporary assignments relevant to you. If you find work elsewhere then do let us know whether you want us to keep you in mind for future opportunities.

What is next after my temporary assignment has been confirmed?

We will provide you with the following information:

  • The estimated length of the temporary assignment
  • Working hours required per day/week
  • Hourly pay rate – PAYE
  • Holiday pay rate
  • Location of the company
  • Line manager/Point of contact

Do you have any tips for my first day?

  • Please ensure you have mapped out your journey to your new workplace before your start date, and allow enough time to arrive well before you are due to start on the day.
  • Have our confirmation of assignment to hand to make sure you have the relevant information for your arrival, and the name of the person you are reporting to etc.
  • If you can, check in with your Consultant to let them know you have arrived safely.

What should I do if I’m not feeling well, or I’m running late for work?

Please do call and email your Consultant as soon as you can so we can inform your line manager well before you are due to start.

What are the Terms of Engagement For Agency Workers?

When registering, you will be provided with Terms of Engagement For Agency Workers, this is your contract for services. If you have any questions relating to this document please speak to your consultant.

What are the Agency Worker Regulations?

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR) were designed to tackle discrimination against an agency worker in the workplace, considering the basic pay, holiday pay, working time, and working conditions. The Regulations give temporary agency workers the following rights.

From day one of an assignment, temporary agency workers have a right to:

  • Equal access to collective facilities provided by the hirer (such as canteens, staff rooms, toilet and shower facilities, car parking and transport services)
  • Information about, and the opportunity to apply for, vacancies in the hirer’s workplace.

After 12 weeks (the ‘qualifying period’) in the same role with the same hirer, temporary agency workers have the right to:

  • Equal treatment on pay, holidays and working time as a equivalent permanent employee
  • Improved pregnancy rights.

Will I need references?

Before the commencement of your temporary assignment, you will need to provide contact details for references to Charity People.  

Your references must cover the last 12 month period. Please see further information below, which details what’s required depending on your work history: 

  • If you have worked in the last 3 years: 

A minimum of two references, which must include a reference from your most recent employer. If you have worked for the same employer for more than the last 12 months, we will need a reference from them, plus a reference from another previous employer.

If you worked via another recruitment agency, please provide their details as a referee for us to contact to confirm your employment history.

If you have any gaps in employment over the last 12 months, we will require at least one academic, volunteering or character reference to cover this period, alongside your employment references. A character reference can be someone who isn’t related to you and who can attest to your character (e.g a mentor, ex-colleague, neighbour). 

  • If you have not worked in the last 3 years 

A minimum of two references covering at least the last 12 months, which can be academic, volunteering or character references to cover this period. A character reference can be someone who isn’t related to you and who can attest to your character (e.g a mentor, ex-colleague, neighbour). 

What happens with Timesheets and Payroll?

If you are temping with Charity People, you would have already received an email confirming details of your assignment, including our Candidate TimeTemp Guide explaining the timesheet process.

As a temporary worker at Charity People, you are required to complete and submit your timesheet on a weekly basis to your line manager for approval, using our timesheet portal, TimeTemp. This Video explains how to do this.

Your manager will also be given login details for TimeTemp to approve your timesheets. Timesheets must be submitted and approved by your manager no later than 12pm every Monday to ensure you receive payment on time. It is your responsibility to complete your timesheet correctly and submit the timesheet on time. Your line manager will need to authorise your hours on the time sheet and will be alerted via the online portal that approval is required once you have submitted your timesheet.

If approved by Monday 12:00pm, the net payment will reach your account by the Friday of that week (i.e. the Friday following the week worked). If you miss the 12:00pm timesheet deadline, the timesheet will need to be submitted by the following week on the next pay run.

If you have any other questions about your timesheet or payroll, please contact our team: timesheets@charitypeople.co.uk

How can I access my payslips?

Charity People will be paying you in arrears – this means that for a week’s work completed, you will receive your pay the following Friday. 

Please look out for an email from donotreply@myepaywindow.com inviting you to register for MyEPayWindow Portal. You will need to register to check your payslip, and view all relevant information such as holiday pay and taxation, etc. Please download your payslip weekly. Once the temporary assignment ends, you will not have access to your payslips.  

At the end of your temporary assignment, please request your P45 through your Charity People consultant and we will arrange for this to be sent to you. Any remaining holiday entitlement will automatically be paid out to you with your P45. 

What's my Holiday Pay?

Holiday pay is accrued at 12.07% of your basic hourly pay rate – which represents 28 days inclusive of UK Bank Holidays. This is accumulated in addition to your basic pay rate.

You will be informed what your holiday pay calculation is at the start of your assignment and a breakdown of your holiday entitlement will be shown on your payslip each week.

This money belongs to you, and you can request to have a specific sum to be paid out to you at any time before the completion of your assignment. To do so, please follow the steps in the Leave Requests section of the Candidate TimeTemp Guide you were sent at the start of your placement.

When you have finished your assignment, any holiday pay left over will be paid out to you.

I still have some questions

If you have any specific questions surrounding your temporary assignment, please contact your Consultant to discuss.


Email: tatiana@charitypeople.co.uk

Direct line: 07563 030 561



Email: zelda@charitypeople.co.uk

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