Lucy Honeyman

Senior Consultant – Data, Digital and Technical

E: 07513 702 368

Lucy has a wealth of charity experience and even runs her own small charity in Africa during her free time. She comes from a Digital Media recruitment background and now specialises in Data, Digital and Technical roles at Charity People having realised that charity sector + recruitment would be the ideal place for her expertise!

 Lucy loves a technical role and has a knack for finding the perfect personality with the skills needed. She always tries to make sure everyone enjoys the recruitment process as much as possible. Lucy loves to collaborate with great teams and share knowledge and insights so everyone can work to their best. Feel free to ask her how to tweak your CV or job description to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

 When not working at Charity People, Lucy is likely to be found doing something for charity.  It could be a sponsored ultra-marathon or something even more adventurous, her energy and passion see her through!  Well-travelled and full of stories from Africa, Asia, Palestine, South America, Lucy loves nothing more than sharing tales from travels.