What to Expect

We’re passionate about supporting positive change and impact across the charity sector, and committed to helping our clients recruit more efficiently and effectively. Outstanding relationships are at the heart of everything we do, and we are interested in building long-term partnerships rather than operating on a transactional basis. We’re not a stereotypical recruitment agency. Rather than quick wins, we want to help you find people who will enable you to achieve your mission.

We pride ourselves on being able to track down those hard to reach candidates, before approaching them in a considered and tactful way. Alongside this we’re proud of our social media reach and strong networks, which all our of clients have access too.

How we can help


Brief us (in person)

  • You give us a full brief on the role, context, organisational culture and your priorities.
  • We offer advice, insight and consultancy on the role, e.g. what salary band would be most appropriate


Source candidates

  • Advertise role externally
  • Search our candidate database
  • Networking and referrals
  • Head-hunting (pro-actively searching for passive candidates)


We long list candidates

  • We brief potential candidates on the role and ascertain their suitability for it
  • We only present candidates who we think would be great in the job


We send you our list of top candidates and;

  • Application form (if applicable)
  • CV
  • Supporting statements
  • Consultants’ notes on each candidate’s strengths, experience, areas to explore at interview and our reasons for short-listing them


Co-ordinate the interview process

  • Set up the interview
  • Fully brief candidate
  • Gain feedback from client and candidate afterwards


Help negotiate the offer

  • Advise as required
  • Summarise offer in writing
  • Notify unsuccessful candidates



  • Collect reference details
  • Support candidate through resignation
  • Advise candidate how to deal with counter offer if needed


Follow up

  • Check in with client and candidate day before they start
  • Regular follow ups