Valuing Lived Experience

Charity People is committed to ensuring that matters of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) remain at the heart of all we do. We want to ensure that inclusive recruitment is front of mind for all our staff and work with our clients to ensure we work toward a diverse workforce for the charity sector.

Our EDI committee meet four times a year with the purpose to:

  • Provide advice and comment on the development and delivery of our EDI plan
  • Ensure that we have an integrated and proactive approach to EDI and that this is communicated to all staff, candidates and clients
  • Promote a working environment that values diversity, promotes inclusion and is committed to ensuring equality for all staff, candidates and clients

To ensure that the EDI committee, which consists of recruitment consultants, regional director and the EDI lead, keep the experiences of candidates from marginalised groups at the forefront of our minds, we have three Lived Experience Advisors who partner and join us during these EDI committee meetings.

Having Lived Experience Advisors help Charity People to:

  • Work with a variety of people in the spirit of partnership to find solutions and make positive changes to recruitment
  • Break down barriers between people who may use our services and professionals
  • Work alongside differing networks to ensure that we reach out to more people

Meeting our Advisors


Duro Oye

Duro is the CEO of 2020 Change, a multi-award-winning social enterprise leading the way to a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the UK. Through training programmes, mentorship, and career support he works to empower young black professionals to flourish in the workplace. He works to ensure their commitment to excellence, passion for community and dedication to transparency which helps them to achieve clear, explicit, and sustained change for young black professionals. Duro designed the award-winning ‘I AM CHANGE’ 12-week programme which focuses on developing young people in the 4 key areas of self-awareness, vision, persistence, and dignity as well as the importance of social and corporate etiquette. The programme also explores topics young people are not taught in schools from financial literacy to digital skills and mindfulness.


Social Media: Instagram: @Mr.Oye, LinkedIn: Duro Oye Twitter: @_MROYE Facebook: Duro Oye


Susanette Mansour

Susanette is CEO of Croydon Vision, a charity which encourages independence, confidence and personal development among the blind and the partially sighted community of Croydon.

Here she explains why she joined Charity People:

“I imagine a world where people celebrate diversity while they work for unity and for such a world to exist, we must have tough conversations, reason together and start a change process. We need a bigger shift, for professionals of all backgrounds to rise up and be the change they want to see because making the jump to a diverse team is critical for any leader looking to stay at the top of their game. I am a catalyst for transformation and I love to dig for gold, to help others live with intent and purpose. Over the past few years, we’ve been intentional to drive generational diversity, thoughts and race at Croydon Vision, top-down from 13% to 55%. This gives a representation of the borough we serve; over 51% BAME. We are an organisation that works with people with sight loss. We are laser-focused on changing perspective, for people to re-evaluate what’s possible in spite of their visual impairment. We are on a journey of transforming lives, from tea and sympathy to equality for all. To empower people, to build their independence, smash the taboos and banish shame. I believe we can all take small steps; do for one what you wish you could do for many.”



Clare McKenzie

Clare is a Marketing Consultant and is currently working for The Guinness Partnership, one of the largest providers of affordable housing and care in England. Her first campaign focused on ‘extra assistance’ for those who would struggle to evacuate their homes in high-risk residential buildings in a case of emergency due to physical or mental conditions.

“I am an health advocate and speak up for those who are often not seen or heard. Whether you have a physical or mental condition, I believe that society should treat everybody the same, regardless of ableism.

I have a keen interest in how companies attract candidates from under-represented groups, and how their recruitment supports disability and inclusion. From the language that is used to attracting inclusive talent. The disability employment gap is currently 29%, and I want to see companies taking action to reduce this further.

I have recently collaborated on a new book: MS is A Funny Thing (well sometimes!) It documents uniquely uplifting and humorous stories and the profit from the book sales will support MS charities in the UK.

I support several global organisations and national charities that focus on Multiple Sclerosis. These include:

Here’s hoping that there can be a day when difference is valued and celebrated.”