In November, I had the pleasure of helping a room full of fundraising managers reflect on their personal leadership brand. And yes, I know it sounds like a horrible piece of management jargon, but actually it is something simple and powerful that can really impact your career.

You see you already have a leadership brand. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s how your team describe your management style and what the CEO thinks about your potential. It can open up opportunities for you if it’s great and close doors if it’s not. That’s why I encourage every leader to consciously create their leadership brand for themselves.

There are a few steps to this…

  • Consider what sort of leader you want to be. Not sure? Think about leaders that you admire and what specifically you admire about them. Then think about what is important to you – your values – such as integrity, enthusiasm or nurturing. Start a mind map or list of the words that come to you.

  • Think about your unique strengths, or superpowers – those things that come naturally to you which you probably take for granted. List those down too.

  • Ask yourself – what kind of leader do my team and organisation need me to be right now? Reflect on your priorities for the year – what kind of leader do you need to be to achieve them? Make a list of those words too.

  • Refine your list down to the 10 words that you feel drawn to. And then refine it further to the three words (or phrases) that sum up the kind of leader you want to be. Not what your think “good leadership” looks like but what feels like you at your best.

You’ve now got your Personal Leadership Brand! Your next step is to look at what actions you can take this week to move even closer to really embodying and living that brand. Then take those actions.

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