The team here at Charity People have been struck by how positive, adaptable and inspirational our charity clients and candidates have been over the last few days.

I for one, turned on my laptop with some trepidation this morning, unsure of the new world I was waking up to. With a relief, the traditional British outlook remained the same – keep calm and carry on – and this is exactly what we are trying to emulate too.

Charities are still recruiting and are actually, more committed than ever to find talented, ambitious and innovative fundraisers for their teams. With charities facing unprecedented times ahead, good fundraisers are needed now, more than ever and we are committed to doing whatever we can to help.

Fundraising efforts need to diversify further, new areas of income need to be explored and existing relationships need to be strengthened. This requires talented people and we’re here to facilitate this.

Rather unexpectedly, we find ourselves having more access to candidates who are looking for a new opportunity. As more candidates work from home, we are finding it easier to have conversations with individuals which are usually conducted in hushed tones during their lunch break. We can chat openly and candidly about their career aspirations and have the time to talk through the wonderful opportunities we have for them.

The second unexpected thing that has happened, is that it has suddenly become easier for candidates to actually interview! No more early morning ‘dentist appointments’ or random half days leave, candidates are able to conduct a Skype interview from the comfort of their home, in a relaxed setting without the awkwardness of hiding it from their colleagues! Potential employees are also being encouraged to consider applicants who work part time or work remotely as this new way of working is being explored.

True, this is a strange and tricky time, one which is uncertain and confusing. But we are comforted by how positive and calm all of our candidates and clients are being and reiterates to us what a truly phenomenal sector the charity sector is, one which we are incredibly proud to work alongside.