​Earlier this week, Charity People were so pleased to say hello to Tanya, our new Community and Events consultant. Tanya volunteered for three years in the charity sector before building her experience over four years working in the sector. To celebrate Tanya beginning her journey with Charity People, we wanted to get to know her a bit better, and for everyone else to know a bit more about her too. Read below for Tanya’s interview.

Welcome to Charity People. So, to start things off… please tell me a bit about yourself.

Hi! I was born in London and I have quite a large family, with four brothers and three sisters. Two of my siblings live in Australia and another in Belgium, so I try to visit them as much as I can. I love to travel. I spent two years living in Australia, which included lots of blueberry picking. I also love food – I think I would say curry is my favourite meal, and I make a great berry and lime drizzle. I come from a family of musicians, and love music myself, especially singing.

I follow a plant-based diet and I try to live as ethically as possible. I buy second-hand clothing whenever I can and always recycle.

What was it about Charity People and the community and events role that you were interested in?

I started my career within the charity sector in 2010. Several years after I finished university I really wanted to focus on finding a career with high job satisfaction, which for me is helping people and in an environment surrounded by people who love doing the same thing as me.

I really love talking to people, and engaging with local communities and making partnerships. I am always thinking ‘’how can I help?’’ or ‘’how can they benefit from what I do?’’, so I am really lucky to have found this role where I can do that every day.

In three words, how would your closest family and friends describe you?

I think they would say… bubbly, thoughtful and a procrastinator. Only because I am always thinking things through to make sure I am doing everything I can, which sometimes leads to me procrastinating I guess.

Now that you have joined the wonderful Charity People film club, what is your favourite film of all time?

My favourite film would have to be The Matrix (but not the trilogy… only the first one). I have seen it so many times but I think it really revolutionised movie making to this day.

Fun fact about you…

A fun fact about me would probably be I am currently learning the Ukulele.

Quote you live by.

Definitely “Dance like nobody’s watching’’.

Favourite food, band and book?

My favourite food is probably cake. Although my sister suggested I should give it up for lent and it has really been testing me walking past Doughnut Time every day.

My favourite band would have to be Incubus and favourite book is Shantaram.

One thing on your bucket list you would like to tick off this year.

Jumping out of an aeroplane. I would love to do that.

Top three places you have travelled to and why?

Number one has to be Vietnam. Vietnam is visually stunning, and every place you go is completely different. There is so much adventure and great food.

Second is Jamaica. My family are from Jamaica and it has beautiful beaches and also great food.

Finally, Sardinia. I went to Sardinia last year and it was amazing. The people and beaches were incredible.

Final question, what are you most excited about at Charity People?

Last night at the Charity People Innovation event, I really saw the positive impact that Charity People and the consultants here have on candidate and client’s lives every day.

I spoke with a candidate who had been through the whole candidate journey and then placed by our colleague, Stuart. To see how happy they were in their role, and how invested they were in Stuart to attend the event last night, I think shows how much of an impact Stuart had made on them.

I am just really excited to be able to do the same with my candidates and clients. I am excited to see what the future holds, and so far everyone has been incredible and so lovely.

Thank you very much to Tanya for allowing us to ask her all of these questions! For any queries Community and Events related, please contact Tanya who will be happy to help.