Are we in a wellbeing crisis?

Senior Consultant, Philippa Randle, talks to wellbeing expert, Claire Warner, about how charity leaders can place wellbeing at the heart of their organisations.

SPOILER: yoga isn’t the answer.

Five tips for leaders on prioritising wellbeing in the workplace

• We have to break the wellbeing stereotype – yoga and bookclubs are wonderful activities for staff, but they aren’t what wellbeing is about.

• Investing in management skills at your charity will improve staff wellbeing.

• Having a clear set of priorities that all staff are aware of will help them prioritise their workload.

• If your charity has a duvet or mental health day policy, it will only be truly effective if the leadership team are also openly making use of the policy.

• As individuals and organisations, we can’t say ‘yes’ to everything. Are there ways to do less, but do it really well, for greater results?


Claire Warner is an award-winning, Roffey Park Institute-trained senior leader and workplace culture & wellbeing consultant, with a passion for helping organisations and the individuals within them thrive in an environment where their best is not only possible, but supported and celebrated

She’s the Founder of Charity Well, a research study into the wellbeing of fundraisers; and is Curator of The Charity Wellbeing Summit

She’s also a wife, a mum of two girls (and a pony & a dog), a hill-dweller, a cancer survivor, and a lover of coffee, cheese, music, Netflix, life-balance and executive lounge wear (pyjamas).