1. How long have you worked with Charity People and what was your career to date before here?

Just over 1 year – before that I worked in the charity sector myself as Chief Executive and Director of Fundraising roles for over 20 years.

2. Why did you decide to join Charity People?

The people! I worked with Charity People as both a client and candidate in my previous career and admired the way everyone respected and worked together. I think we do things a little differently – there is a real sense of fun while still doing great things for clients and candidates.

3. What do you feel you uniquely bring to your clients at Charity People?

I have 25 years experience in the charity sector internationally so I understand how important every recruit is and have the ability to relate to clients on matters regarding recruitment and everything else.

4. What advice would you give for people looking for a Membership job in the current market?

Always be yourself. Research the organisations that you want to work for and ask lots of questions!

5. Any top tips on being a membership/education worker?

Collaboration is key. Try and bring the organisation’s vision and mission into each and every decision you make.

6. What issues are forefront of your mind right now?

Economic uncertainty, increasing cost of living and the impact this might have on people’s work life and the decisions they make regarding their career.