Priya Vencatasawmy

Senior Regional Consultant

tel: +44 (0)7751741132e:

Priya is a passionate Regional Consultant for Charity People, where she is a dedicated member in the Regional Team, working alongside Ellen Drummond and Amelia Lee. Whilst new to the Charity and Non-profit sector, Priya joined with a keen interest in making a positive impact on society. She finds great fulfilment in connecting talented individuals with meaningful career opportunities in the charitable sector. Her role involves working closely with the non-profit / charity sector and candidates, ensuring the perfect match to further their shared goals of making a difference in the world. She brings 3 and half years of experience in recruitment and a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenged faced in recruitment.  Through her expertise, she has successfully placed numerous professionals in diverse roles, ranging from her former industry in engineering to more recently volunteering, fundraising and CEO roles at Charity People.

Priya USP’s is ensuring every candidate is listened to and matched to their dream role! #careermatching

Aside from professional endeavours, Priya has a love for travel and food. Exploring different cultures and cuisines is a constant source of inspiration for her. Whether it’s savouring exotic street food or indulging in traditional dishes in remote villages of Thailand, she believes that food has a unique ability to connect people and bridge cultural gaps. Throughout her journeys, she has had the opportunity to visit numerous countries, immersing herself in their rich heritage and traditions. From breath-taking trails to Ben Nevis in Scotland, to watching the Northern lights or swimming in the beautiful beaches of Mauritius, each adventure has broadened the horizons and deepened her appreciation for the world’s diversity.